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New Mexico Music Awards Finalist, Best Folk-Traditional song, “Nana’s Lullaby”, 2012.
Becky Alter highlights “Alter’s striking voice… ‘Lovebird’, a standout track…packs power that recalls (Joan) Baez in her heyday, never losing steam. Alter hits some sweet high notes…” – San Diego Troubadour

“Becky Alter’s vocals are hauntingly evocative – ethereal, but with an urgency that pushes the music forward. Her songs are about something, and with their catchy melodic hooks you find them going through your head hours and days later.” – Reggie Marshall, MarsJazz Booking Agency

“Becky’s voice rings clarity and perfection. The vocals are smooth and have a trancy-ness about them that almost make you forget where you are and what you are doing…The acoustic guitar resonates wonderfully and has great tone with good mids.” – TinderBox Music

“Becky Alter knows how to fill a room, warm a room… Her consummate musicianship and engaging personality leave her audience wanting more. Not every artist is an entertainer, and vice versa, but Becky delivers both faces of the performance coin in her own unforgettable style.” – Owner, Green Springs Inn & Cabins

“In Becky Alter’s self titled album, she delivers deeply personal and beautifully passionate music. She is eloquent in both her poetry and her playing.” – Chris Sanders, Former voice professor at NMSU/UTEP

“Becky inspires her audience to be still and mindfully listen…Fingerpicking counterpoint and melodic chord structures add imagery to the journey that is a Becky Alter song!” (-juniper rose)


“ethereal, hypnotic, uplifting, thoughtful, musing, peaceful, rockin’ out, hot stuff”


“Lead crystal.”

– Becky’s fans

“From the first note her beautiful lilting voice captivated me and the audience. …she has a powerful command of her wide range…” – Producer of Yusif’s to You!



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